Photojournalism is a universal language with the power to demolish stereotypes. It can trigger discussions, alert consciences and further assist people with the keys to better understand world events.


About #Dysturb

#Dysturb is a community willing to make photojournalism accessible to a wider audience, sticking big news pictures in the streets.

By taking on public spaces with human scale pictures, #Dysturb cut out from traditional publishing avenues and offers a new visibility to photojournalism.

It’s the strong will to focus on the essence of our work : give to see and relay testimonies of people that trust us on the ground.


Who we are

Co-founded by Pierre Terdjman and Benjamin Girette, #Dysturb is a network of professionals driven by the desire to make information freely accessible through the occupation of urban spaces.

Our values:


The network

Whether you are curious, a concerned citizen, an apprentice bill sticker, a journalist, a photojournalist, a Photo director, a press agency or an organisation aiming to promote photojournalism, then you are our most precious allies : Join our community.

We already collaborate with thousands of volunteer bill stickers across the world, over a hundred photojournalists. We are connected to press agencies and are working towards the federation of all actors of the industry to promote street News.



#Dysturb is soon to release a new app to coordinate our efforts and geolocate our actions.

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